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7th Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB) – Call for participation

10th and 11th October 2020

Exhibitions, presentations and workshops

We are looking for people who would like to contribute exhibitions, presentations or workshops about the following topics:

The registration will close on September 15th, 2020. We still have room for more exhibitions and workshops.

Which formats are there? How can I participate?

Like at a "normal" VCFB there will be exhibitions, presentations and workshops, only they will take place in video conference rooms on our BigBlueButton server (BBB server).

Presentations are streamed and recorded, so they will be available even after the event. As customary for this format a good preparation is important here, in the virtual version you have to give the recording some thought on top of that. Of course we're happy to support you with the preparation and during the presentation. After your presentation the audience can ask questions in a video conference room, these Q&A sessions won't be recorded.

Exhibitions and workshops on the other hand are real live events, won't be recorded and therefore have a very similar character to an exhibition or a workshop on-site. Here the video conference room can be used to interact with the audience and to show the exhibits and doesn't have to be an elaborate production. However, there are no limits for your creativity here as well.

As soon as your submission is accepted into the programme, you get an account in the VCFB wiki. There you can create one or more pages about your exhibition, your presentation, or your workshop.

Apart from that you get a video conference room on our BBB server that can be joined from your wiki page. For an exhibition you decide yourself at which times the room will be open. For presentations and workshops we'll make a schedule as usual and arrange a time slot that works for you.

To find the right format for you, you can experiment with your BBB room at any time before the actual festival. We're glad to support you with this.

Organizational information

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