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Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB)

The VCFB 2020 is going to take place on October 10th and 11th 2020 as a live event online! To the event wiki
VCFB 2020 poster

October 10th and 11th, 2020

The Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB) is an event about historic computers and computing technology. This year the participants from all over Germany and beyond present many different aspects of Vintage Computing in virtual exhibitions, presentations and workshops. In addition to retro computers, also historical operating systems, programming languages, network technology as well as pocket and mechanic calculators will be shown. Most of the exhibited devices are in working condition. This time the virtual VCFB even makes it possible to show exhibits that normally can't be brought because of their size or fragility.

The VCFB 2020 is going to take place in a wiki and a video conference system. The presentations will be streamed as usual. After each presentation the presenters will be available for a Q&A session in individual video conference rooms. The exhibitions will be presented in the wiki, the exhibits are shown in more detail in video conference rooms in which the audience can interact with the exhibitors.

Admission is free! To visit the event only a webbrowser is required, no software needs to be installed.

Opening hours

Saturday, October 10th10:00 - 20:00Exhibitions
10:15 - 19:45Presentations and workshops (Stream)
20:00 - 24:00Musical educational event
Sunday, October 11th10:00 - 20:00Exhibitions
10:30 - 19:15Presentations and workshops (Stream)


In addition to dozens of exhibitions, presentations and workshops, the programme has even more to offer:

The presentations will be streamed and published on media.ccc.de later on.


If you want to participate in the VCFB as an exhibitor or presenter you will find all information needed on this page.

If you want to help with preparations or running the virtual event as a volunteer, send an email to info@vcfb.de and subscribe to our volunteer mailing list.


The VCFB 2020 takes place on the internet.

Wiki: wiki.vcfb.de/2020/en:start

Video conference: bbb.vcfb.de



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