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Game Room

Image of the Game Room in 2018

The "House of Computer Games" (Haus der Computerspiele) invites to a playful trip down memory lane. Two dozen game consoles and home computers from the 1970s and later on waiting to be explored: Classics like the Atari 2600, Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive, and less known devices like the Neo Geo and the Philips CD-i as well as exotic cult machines like the MB Vectrex and the Virtual Boy. Not only period games are shown, but also contemporary new developments for these historic machines. Haus der Computerspiele, No. 47

Arcade Machines

Computer games are a significant part of our culture that is increasingly determined by digital technologies. The Computer Games Museum (Computerspielemuseum) does actively advocate familiarizing a broad audience with the culture and history of digital games using exhibitions, educational offerings, events, and publications. Our aim is to deepen the understanding of digital interactive entertainment media and thus increase the media literacy. The Computer Games Museum Berlin exhibits two arcade games that represent the public gaming in pubs, entertainment parks, or dedicated arcades. There were even bottle holders or ash trays on some arcade games. Sometimes, the games had even to be emptied daily in order not to jam up due to having too many coins in the mechanism. The exhibited arcade games at the VCFB 2019 are to be used without cash. You are not only allowed, but in fact invited to start playing right now. Please refrain yourself from inserting coins! Computerspielemuseum Berlin, No. 48 (in the entrance foyer)


Andreas Richter

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