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Musical educational event

14th of October 2023, 20:30 – 23:00

Cybernetic Jam Session – Open Stage

The "studio_nn" of the Berlin Media Studies, consisting of the noise artist Rüdiger Wenk (aka Phonoschrank) and the media artist Kaspar Dornfeld, embarks on a sound journey. The focus of this journey is the cybernetic sound synthesis algorithm developed by Wenk. Language and other sound sources are processed in a modular system according to the laws of cybernetics and are therefore subject to constant change. After a lecture performance, the audience is invited to provide their own sound sources, which are combined to create something new. Let's jam cybernetically! Rüdiger "Phonoschrank" Wenk and Kaspar Dornfeld

YM2612 – Can a FM Synthesizer Heat Up the Club Scene?

Almost in the shadow of Nintendo's Super NES there is SEGA's Mega Drive game console. Arcade sounds activate the leg area instead of just the hands. Tonight, three game music collages of 20 minutes each will be explored on the device combined with real-time visualisation of the respective games (ca. 1988). A Japanese-typical homage to Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage sound magician) and many other chiptune sound tinkerers. DJ Thunder.Bird

During the changeover break, the original sound of the games can be "played" on the Mega Drive for another 20 minutes.

Home Computer Synthesizer "Sound Interface Device"

Electronic-spherical sounds and rhythms with only a three-voice polyphonic monosynth from 1982. How it sounded and sounds, the evolution of an independent music category, the "chiptunes". Prospects for the future with the High Voltage SID Collection [hvsc] and the remix scene [remix.kwed.org]. Performed and presented in a participatory scenario by DJ Thunder.Bird and the guests. DJ Thunder.Bird

irrlicht project, TheRyk and Thunder.Bird at VCFB 2014
irrlicht project, TheRyk and Thunder.Bird at VCFB 2014. CC BY 2.0 via flickr/stiefkind

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