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Presentations and Workshops

The presentations and workshops take place in the "Bildungsraum" room, in the lecture area at the end of the Network Exhibition, and in the workshop area. The lectures are streamed and the recordings will be released at afterwards.

The schedule will be published in September.

Live demonstrations of historical computer technology in English museums

Language: German
Peter Diehl

The Gepard Computer company – A nerd startup from 1984

Language: German
Fritz Hohl

The short life of the Cray-3

Language: German
Wolfgang Stief

Schickard's calculating machine – A hands-on replica

Language: German
Jürgen Weigert

Lines, dots, circles – The graphical terminal Robotron K8917

Language: German
Dirk Kahnert

CryptoParty from Enigma machine to PGP

Language: German
CryptoParty Berlin, Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Closing Event

Language: German
Eva Kudrass, Anke Stüber

More information about lectures and workshops is available in German.

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